Why everyday Americans have turned to prepping

If you ask 10 different people about the last few years, you’ll hear one very common theme: F***ing insane.

Pandemic, civil unrest, natural disaster, war, and more.

The question that a lot of people have been pondering is: Am I safe? Will the government always be there to protect and provide for my basic needs and safety? Well, it seems that people are NOT so sure of that.

“Prepping” used to be seen as a fringe hobby for the chronically paranoid, but the idea of self-reliance has been front and center of the hearts and minds among the general population, and for good reason. You have to be able to take care of yourself in case of an emergency.

A survival situation can come about at any time, and we’ve all seen how possible, or even probable, it is. 

This is why everyday Americans are getting prepared. All it takes is the right gear, and the knowledge of how to use it.

family teaching kids about survival bags

Water filtration, medical kits, emergency food, fire starting, lighting, outdoor cooking, power, and more. These are the basic needs that need to be met, and having this type of gear on hand has never been more important. The problem is, knowing exactly what to buy is incredibly confusing.

This is why more and more people are turning to programs like Steel to Reel Club as an easy solution. It’s basically a curated subscription box of survival gear that’s put together by experts, so all you have to do is unbox it and learn about the gear. 

We recommend joining Steel to Reel Club, but however you get prepared, we wish you luck!