Why This Box?

Our goal is to introduce you to new and useful Survival products. We want you to have everything you need to be better equipped to be fully prepared for any situation, both survival and outdoor. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee, and of course you may cancel any time (no commitment whatsoever).

When Will I Get My Stuff?
  • Boxes ordered between the 1st and the 12th of the month will ship the same month.
  • Boxes ordered between the 12th and the last day of the month will ship before the 10th of the following month.
  • Each future box will be shipped by the 10th of the following month.
What is in Each Box

Each month you will receive new and different items. Boxes can include a variety of gear related to survival, fishing, hunting, camping, as well as general outdoor supplies. You will also learn about the companies and the products featured in each box.

Is there a commitment to this?

Absolutely not. You can cancel any time with the click of a mouse. When you make your purchase you also get a login that lets you manage your subscription yourself. This includes cancelling or even skipping a month!

Who Do I Contact with Questions or Concerns?

Shoot an email over to [email protected], or contact us at our Facebook Page.

What Are the Different Box Levels?

We want to make sure you choose the box that is right for you. That’s why we created this guide to help you select your best experience.

Survivor – Our classic, base level box. Each month you will receive 3 to 5 items that we carefully hand select for our members. You will learn about each amazing companies every single month. Value up to $60.00

Survivor Plus – This is an upgrade from the Survivor box that we created for people who liked what they were receiving from the Survivor box, but wanted a few more items and more variety. Each month we send you 4-7 hand selected items, which can include exclusive items just for our members. Value up to $90.00

Survivor Pro – This is our most premium monthly experience. At this level, we are able to get amazing deals for our members and deliver maximum value per crate. Each month we send you 6-12 items including 1-2 higher end items, which can include Adventurer level exclusives and custom items. Value up to $180.00

Survivor Elite – This is our top of the line offering. It is only shipped out once per quarter (don’t worry, you’ll receive your first box shortly after ordering and then every 3 months after that). Due to the longer shipping timeline and higher value, we are able to really dig for the coolest items for our members. Each quarter we send you 8-15+ items, including 2-3 higher end items which can include exclusive and custom items not available anywhere else. Value up to $550.00

When will my subscription renew?

Boxes ordered between the 1st and the 12th of the month will rebill/renew on the 25th.

Boxes ordered after the 12th till the end of the month will rebill on the 15th of each month.

Each following month the subscription will rebill/renew on the 15th of each month.  Multi-month subscriptions will renew on the 15th of the last month of the membership.