Essential Grilling Box (Limited) by Special Delivery.

Grill Box Collection

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Save $10 on your box today!

We’ve partnered with an awesome company called ‘Special Delivery by Taste of Home’ in order to bring you guys something we think you’re going to appreciate here.

Special Delivery has been working on an amazing limited edition box that’s perfect for the Spring and Summer season. 

It’s called the Essential Grilling box. It’s about giving you what you need to get out there, fire up the grill, and enjoy some amazing food with the people you love.

What’s inside? Thats a surprise! We give you a little sneak peek of just a couple of items on this page, but the rest will be revealed when you open the box!

It also makes a great gift for the grilling or BBQ lover in your life!  

*This is a one-time box, not a subscription.

They only put together a limited amount of these for the season, so be sure to grab yours before it’s gone!

Just a peak, fellas!

Much like the most surprise curated boxes, we’re not revealing the contents of this box as to not spoil the surprised and unboxing experience. Although, we don’t mind revealing the Cookbook and just one of the awesome essentials that you can look forward to, among much more!

Ultimate Guide to Grilling


Taste of Home Ultimate Guide to Grilling is the one cookbook every backyard barbecue fan will want this year. Loaded with 466 grilled greats, plus easy-to-read cooking charts, seasoning and marinating tricks, how-to photos and more, it’s a cookbook families will reach for time and again. More than 300 amazing photos are sure to whet everyone’s craving for charbroiled favorites, making this cookbook a great gift for Father’s Day, a perfect surprise for a barbecue host and an ideal way to sizzle up dinner routines all summer long!

Long Stem Digital Thermometer


Extra-long 5.6-inch probe allows your hands to be kept at a safe distance when checking the temperature of frying oil or savory meats over hot coals. Great for use as a meat thermometer, food thermometercandy thermometerkitchen thermometerdeep fry thermometersugar thermometer, etc